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Pike Fishing in Stockholm

I will guide for Pike in the waters around Stockholm during June

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Price per day max 3 persons 4000 SEK including hot lunch.


Welcome to Swedish fishingguide Björn Sperling

Pike/Pike Fishing

I will guide for Pike Fishing in the waters around Eriksberg between 1 to 10 April.Till area will pike fishing from all over Sweden who come here for the waters off Eriksberg.
The area is renowned for its large pike and delicate fish habitats


The region around Eriksberg is one of the largest stocks of large pike.

This concludes Fiskeriverket who has been out and inventoried the stock of pike and perch outside Karlshamn.
Read the full story ofBlekinge läns tidning


Pike fishing in the Stockholm archipelago is one of the best that can be offered in Sweden with regard to number and size.

I guide both in the Lake Mälaren and inte the Stockholm Arcipeligo

Fishing methods are spin fishing and jerkbait  The fishery is conducted throughout the year.

Best periods are from  March and it extends through the entire spring, summer and autumn to December when the cold comes.

Pike fishing

It is a paradise for pike fishing and fishermen from all over Sweden come here for the waters off Eriksberg which is renowned for its big pike. The cod has increased in numbers is a fun to fish when the bite often. We use all of pilkning which makes it completely inexperienced running quickly.

Pike/Pike Fishing
Spinnfishing – maximum 3 pers

4000 SEK per day

Tel. +46 735 30 33 10



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