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Welcome to Swedish fishingguide Björn Sperling


Hot right now! Salmon trolling in Simrishamn

Hot Hot fishing now! Salmon trolling Simrishamn

Spring trolling in Simrishamn seems to be the best in many years, the boats tha have been out have on average gained more than 2 salmon several of which just over 10 kg!
I will guide from the port of Simrishamn in the spring . read more on Simrishamnstrollings website

About the fishing

When fishing in the Blekinge archipelago we leave port at Gyön near Järnavik, Tjärö and Svalemåla Holiday Village. In Blekinge archipelago, there is a very interesting fishing, primarily for pike.

Pike fishing

It is a paradise for pike fishing and fishermen from all over Sweden come here for the waters off Eriksberg which is renowned for its big pike. The cod has increased in numbers is a fun to fish when the bite often. We use all of pilkning which makes it completely inexperienced running quickly.

Salmon trolling

The salmon are in Pukavik Gulf, and from Tärnö to Hässlö outside Karlskrona. Trolling for the big salmon and Simrishamn is best from April to mid-June. Best time for younger salmon is from July to September. I offer:

Pike Fishing - See if you can find the famous Pike primarily by spinning or Jerkbait fishing for the more experienced. 2-3 pers read more >>>

Salmon trolling  - You can choose between laxtrolling for Baltic salmon in 1/2 day (only June, July) or full day 2-3 people, read more>>>

Cod fishing
For the family, I recommend a relaxing trip for the excellent Baltic cod.
Children 4-5 years can get a cod from the depths which is often perceived as an achievement. (Max. 4 people) read more>>>

About Sport fishing is perhaps Sweden's most widespread hobby, and with the right tricks, you catch more and bigger fish. Experience a thrilling sea fishing in a stunning setting with wonderful scenery. With top equipment and experienced guides give you a full day of some of Sweden's best fishing grounds.

Sea fishing from fully equipped boats All equipment for a fishing trip at sea are Instructions and tips from experienced guide who is with the whole day Ideal for beginners and experienced fishermen Ingestion is

You start in the morning and start the day with the review of today's fishing. A little theory on fishing in Sweden and robust trick for best results. You can borrow all the necessary fishing equipment and clothing needed. Your guide takes you, then out to sea to the best fishing grounds for the day. The boat is fully equipped and specially adapted for sea fishing. During the day, served more easily swallowed. Please include camera to immortalize the day's catch. You fish all day and be back before evening.

Important information
No previous experience is required. The experience is very well suited even for experienced fishermen. The price depends on what you choose, welcome to the respective page for what you are curious about. Would you be deleted from other sites it is possible to arrange that I have the boat on a trailer

Do not hesitate to call me and ask! Tel. +46 735 30 33 10

Welcome, Bjorn

The price includes all fishing equipment needed for the day, including a lifejacket. It also includes coffee, soft drinks and snacks. Lunch can be arranged. Cash payment before we leave the pier for private individuals. 

Bookings Tel. +46 735 30 33 10


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